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InsertShape plugin - is like native ShapeMerge but on steroids! It's much more correct and functional because of clever algorithms.
Using InsertShape you will get clean and predictable results. Also, you can do Local Projections – really unique and helpful feature.


  • 3ds Max 2013 or higher

Current version 1.2.1 :

Brief interface elements description:

Parameters rollout

  1. Pick shape button
  2. Use local projection
  3. Through projection and insert
  4. Open polygons
  5. Remove new unused edges
  6. Remove collinear verts
  7. Set material ID for new polygons
  8. Weld new vertexes

About rollout

  1. Show request code and field for entering authorization code

Demo version limitation

  • Some of the InsertShape's parameters will be reseted occasionally
  • Modifier stack is collapsed while using InsertShape
  • Disabled for rendering




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