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This modifier allows you to create a sweep between selected edges using custom shape for profile, similar to NURBS - but for editable poly. Also you can create a blend between two contours (edge selections) using automatic blend profile or custom shape. In addition - you can automatically clean-up meshes after using ShapeMerge modifier. This feature alone makes it worth purchase.


  • 3ds Max 2013 or higher

Brief interface elements description:

Parameters rollout

  1. Type of build edge profile
  2. Generate automatic blend
  3. Length of vectors for blend bulge
  4. Pick button for custom shape profile
  5. Set smooth group of new polygons
  6. Set MatId of new polygons
  7. Reduce verts on selected edges by angle
  8. Keep visible edges of polyobject
  9. Add new perpendicular verts for blend
  10. Flip normals of new polygons
    reverse direction of selected edges
  11. Keep follow direction

About rollout

  1. Show request code and field for entering authorization code

Demo version limitation

  • Some of the PolyProfile's parameters will be reseted occasionally
  • Modifier stack is collapsed while using PolyProfile
  • Disabled for rendering




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